made by ErikaDu

Hi all,

In the following posts I will post some of the crochet stitches that I am using in my future projects.

They are really interesting, First is the loop stitch. I haven’t found to many information about it, but I wills hare here what I have managed to find. First time I have used it at the Lion that I have done, not knowing how it is called. Afterwards I have managed to discover that it is called the Loop Stitch.

Working rows of this stitch produces a plush, loopy fabric, which can be used as accents on garment, throws and toys.

Here is a video of how it is done:

Here is the description of how it is done.

Wrap yarn from front to back over index finger. Insert hook in next stitch and under the strands of yarn behind index finger and draw through the stitch. With yarn loop still on your index finger, yarn over and draw through 2 loops on the hook. Remove loop from the index finger. And you have done the first loop stitch.

Here is a picture were it is used the loop stitch at the hair of the lion:


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