made by ErikaDu


Crochet techniques

    • Bubble stitch (puff stitch): * yarn over, insert hook …. pull through 2 loops*repeat 3 times, yarn over pull through all 4 loops on the hook
    • Crochet in spiral rounds: work all the components of the doll (except the dress upper part were we will work in rows )
    • Crochet in rows: the dress upper parts is worked in rows. When you crochet rows, you have to turn your work
    • Color change



  • St-stitch
  • sl -slip stitch
  • Ch-chain
  • Sc-single crochet
  • Inc- increase
  • Dec-decrease
  • BLO-crochet in back loops only
  • FLO-crochet in front loops only
  • Sc3tog- The Single Crochet Three Together Decrease
  • tr-treble crochet

HAND make 2

With skin color yarn. Do not fill. 

Row 1. 6 sc in magic ring (6)

Row 2. (2sc, inc )x2 (8)

Row 3-4. sc around (8)

Row 5. bubble stitch, 7 sc (8)

Row 6. (dec, 2 sc)x2 (6)

Row 7-25 sc around (6)

LEG make 2.

Start with skin color. Stuff while advancing with the leg.

Row1. 9 sc in magic ring.

Row 2. -37. sc (9)

Row 38. 4 dec,sc (5) Leave a long tail for sewing


Start with white yarn. Stuff while advancing with it.

Row 1. 8sc (8)

Row 2. 8 inc (16)

Row 3. 16 inc (32)

Row 4-9. sc around (change  to skin color)

Row 10. BLO (7sc,dec,7sc)x2 (30)

Row 11. (13sc,dec)x2 (28)

Row 12. (6sc,dec,6sc)x2 (26)

Row 13-16. sc around (26)

Row 17. (11sc, dec)x2 (24)

Row 18.-19. sc around (24)

Row 20. (5sc, dec, 5sc)x2 (22)

Row 21. sc around(22)

Row 22. (9sc,dec)x2 (20)

Row 23-25. sc around(20). Around row 23-24 you should inserts a wire of 14cm  in the body (it will sustain the head and neck of the doll). In order to make it baby friendly we have to turn inside the end that comes into the body, and secure it from coming out. The other end of the wire we will secure it only after we attach alos the head. Stuff as well as you can.

Row 26. We will start joining the lower part of the arm.  3 sc, 3 sc from the arm together with the next three stitches of the body(pay attention when you attach the arm that the thumb faces front of the doll), 7 sc in the body, 3 sc the arm and the body together (the same pay attention the thumb to be facing front of the doll), 4sc. (20)

Row 27. Continue attaching the upper part of the arm, 3 sc , 3 sc in the arm (the 3 stitches that remained not crocheted to the body from the previous row), 7 sc in the body, 3 sc in the second arm, 4 sc in the body (20). We inserts a wire of 23cm into the hands. Also securing the ends before doing do like in the picture bellow.

Row 28. 10 dec (10)

Row 29.-30. sc


Round 1. sc 8 in magic ring(8)

Round 2. inc 8 (16)

Round 3. (sc 1, inc)x8  (24)

Round 4. (sc 2, inc)x8  (32)

Round 5. (sc 3, inc)x8  (40)

Round 6. (sc 4, inc)x8  (48)

Round 7. sc (48)

Rounds 8-11. sc 24, BLO {sc 24} (48)

Round 12.  (sc 6,dec)x3 (will be the front of the face),BLO {sc 24}(45)

Round 13. -17. sc 21, BLO {sc 24}  (45)

Round 18.  (sc 7, dec)x2, sc 3, BLO {sc 4, dec,(sc 7,dec)x2}   (40)

Round 19. BLO {(sc 6,dec)x5} (35)

Insert eyes between rounds 12-13, 10 stitches apart in the area from the beginning of row 12 where we did the decrease. (count 5 stitches from the where the BLO area begins from both sides) Also insert the free end of the wire from the body through the magic ring and secure the end of it.

Stuff firmly around wire and rest of head. Continue stuffing as you go. After doing this, sew the neck to the head to make sure that the wire will be in the final place.

Round 20. BLO {(sc 4, dec)x5} (30)

Round 21. BLO {(sc 3, dec)x6} (24)

Round 22. BLO {(sc 2, dec)x6} (18)

Round 23. BLO {(sc 1, dec)x6} (12)

Round 24. BLO {dec 6} (6)

Fasten off 

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  1. Please tell me what weight yarn you are using to make this doll?  I’ve sent a previous message. Thank you, Margaret. 
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